Continuous investment means we have a well equipped shop floor with machine centres and Inspection equipment to manufacture a broad range of quality parts to customer requirements. With CAD CAM capability as well as a trusted network of subcontract partners for processes such as heat treatment, plating etc we can offer a complete precision engineering service for low or high volume work.

In 2011 and 2012 we updated our measurement capability with the addition of a second CNC controlled CMM and the purchase of a Mitutoyo Formtracer and Roundtest equipment.  Salcey Precision can now also offer subcontract measurement services for complex and high tolerance machine parts.

For complex parts manufacture we have five Swiss made Mikron High Speed simultaneous 5 axis Machining Centres with capacity for 68 tools and palletisation for long runs and automated running. Together with our two driven CMM's and Nikon vision measurement system we can manufacture and measure the complex high precision parts that the Motorsport, Aerospace and Medical industries demand.

In late 2011 we invested in a STAR sliding head machine with FMB barfeed and Argotech PA-4 tool breakage monitoring system to extend capability.  We chose the SR-20R 111 machine that takes 20mm bar.  This has been a fantastic addition to the machine line-up and it runs 24/7 producing precision parts.

In 2012 and 2013 we invested in the larger diameter SR32J-N Sliding Head Machine and another SR20R 1V Sliding Head Machine, again with the FMB barfeed and same Argotech monitoring system to extend capability.

A steady increase in high tolerance machining work for Formula 1 involved us sending a great deal of grinding work to subcontract.  This led us to start looking at owning our own grinding machine. Studer are the market leaders in high quality grinding machines and in November 2014 we took delivery of our own - a S33 Studer machine.

Mikron HSM400


Click here to see the specification of our HSM400 Mikron machines.

Video of an HSM400 at work

STAR SR-20R Sliding Head Machine



Click here to see the specification of our STAR machine.

Video of Star Sliding Head Lathe at work

Studer S33 Grinding Machine


Our full equipment inventory is as follows


  • 2 x Mikron HSM200 High Speed (50000 rpm spindle) 5 Axis Machining Centres
  • 1 x Mikron Mill S 400 High Speed (42000 rpm spindle) 5 Axis Machining Centre
  • 4 x Mikron HSM400 High Speed (42000 rpm spindle) 5 Axis Machining Centres

With automatic job measurement, palletisation system for long runs/unmanned operation and 68 tool capacity.

  • 1 x STAR SR-20R 111 Sliding Head Lathe with FMB Turbo 3-36 barfeed and Argotech PA-4 tool breakage monitoring system
  • 1 x STAR SR-20R 1V TYPE B Sliding Head Lathe with FMB Turbo 3-36 barfeed and Argotech PA-4 tool breakage monitoring system & 4 Additional M Codes
  • 1 x STAR SR32J-N Sliding Head Lathe with FMB Turbo 3-36 barfeed and Argotech PA-4 tool breakage monitoring system


  • 1 x Hardinge Super Precision RS51 Lathe with Subspindle
  • 2 x Traub TNA 300 With Live Tooling & C Axis 65mm Capacity
  • 4 x Hardinge Conquest GT 6000 RPM 27mm Capacity


  • 1 x Britan 2E Repetition 0.75/1.25” Capacity


  • 1 x Studer S33 Grinding Machine - Large Capacity
  • 1 x Studer S33 Grinding Machine


  • 1 x Sunnen SH5000 Precision Honing Machine.
  • 1 x Sunnen ML5000 Precision Honing Machine.
  • 1 x Rosler R220 Flat Bowl Vibratory Super Finishing Machine
  • 1 x Rosler 180/530 TE Vibratory Finishing Machine


  • 4 x Seats, Open Mind Simultaneous 5 Axis Machining Software
  • 3 x Seats, Pathtrace’s EdgeCam 3 Axis & Surfaces Milling, 2+4 Axis Turning System.
  • 3 x Seats, Cimco Edit
  • Full E-mail And File Transfer Capability


  • Microtap CNC Tapping Machine 1mm/6mm Capacity
  • Model Super 2 Guyson Bead Blaster
  • Lapmaster 15" Lapping Machine
  • Walther Trowel Bowl Rumblers (16” & 8”)
  • 1 x HK Technologies Laser Marking Machine.
  • Finishing Room With 20/1 Magnification Scopes
  • 1 x Mecwash AVD 300 automatic parts washing machine
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • 1x Formech 686 Vacuum Forming Machine
  • Macro Photographic capability


  • 1 x Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S 574 CNC controlled CMM with SP25 Scanning Head and 3R Pallet System
  • 1 x Brown & Sharpe Global CNC controlled CMM with “PC.DMIS CAD” Computerised Analysis and 3R System
  • 1 x Brown & Sharpe Derby CMM with “PC.Dmis CAD” Computerised Analysis
  • 1 x Nikon iNEXIV VMA-2520 Monochrome non-contact vision measuring system
  • 1 x Mitutoyo Formtracer SV-C3100 for measuring complex forms and surface roughness
  • 1 x Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-2100 measurement system
  • 1 x Mitutoyo Laser Micrometer, LSM-902
  • 1 x Kestrel Non Contact Measuring System With Quadrachek Microprocessor
  • 1 x Mitutoyo PJ300 Profile Projector 5
  • 3 x 0-350mm Tesa Digital Height Micrometer With Granite Surface Plates
  • Bowers Digital Bore Gauges
  • 1 - 21mm Diatest Bore Clock
  • Vermont Pin Gauges 0.2 - 10.0mm (0.01 Increments)
  • M88 Grade 1 Slip Gauges
  • Surtronic Surface Finish Tester
  • Mercer Air Gauge
  • Micrometers from 0 to 300mm
  • Vernier Calipers 0 to 500mm
  • Sine bars 5” & 10”
  • Vee Blocks 3” capacity
  • Angle Plates 4” & 8”
  • Dial Test Indicators Graduated from 0.002mm
  • Screw Plug Gauges
  • Screw Ring Gauges
  • Plain Plug Gauges
  • Thread Micrometer
  • Optical Flat and Monochromic Light Unit
  • Microscopes x10, x20, and x30 Magnification
  • Mercer Electronic Comparator